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when stories entwine [4/4]

Pairing: Kris/Lay (Xiumin/Luhan)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 32,238
Summary: It's a strange thing how a random act of chance, a moment that is easily forgotten, can determine the future.
Warnings: mentions of homophobia/perceived homophobia

Wu Fan wakes to sunlight and soft snores pressed against his ear. He lies there for a moment, eyes closed as the sun imprints red against the back of his eyelids. He feels the weight of Yixing splayed across his chest, an elbow jabbed uncomfortably into his side and a leg curled around his own. Yixing's toes are cold where they press against his calf. He can feel Yixing's breath puff against his neck, warm and wet, and his chest rises and falls in a steady motion.

Wu Fan smiles.

He lets his eyes open and the sight of Yixing is almost just as wonderful - hair all ruffled, cheeks a little pink, mouth open as he snores. Wu Fan thumbs his chin gently, affection swelling inside him.

Yixing's eyes flutter open and he stares at Wu Fan hazily, memories fighting confusion for dominance. His eyes seem to register where he is, and he groans sleepily.

"What time is it?" he mumbles, words slurred.

"I don't know, I only just woke up."

Yixing sighs and blows his cheeks out in an exhausted manner, glaring when Wu Fan laughs and pokes his nose.

"You probably need to get up and do something about that morning breath," Wu Fan says. Yixing kicks him, before his arms tighten around Wu Fan's waist and he burries his nose in Wu Fan's neck.

"I don't wanna move."

"You have to because I need to go to work this afternoon, and my dogs are going to be upset since they missed their dinner last night."

Yixing groans again, a snuffling sound that is muffled against Wu Fan. Wu Fan sighs and gently pushes him away, prying his arms off his waist as he sits up. The sheets tangle around his ankles, and Yixing flops onto his back. He has briefs on which he must have slipped into just before sleeping, but Wu Fan is still naked and in the harsh light of the sun that streams through the window, he feels slightly self conscious.

Wu Fan nudges Yixing, but the latter just grumbles and shoves a pillow over his head so Wu Fan pulls on a pair of pants and shuffles into the kitchen area, deciding to make breakfast.

When he returns twenty minutes later with toast and eggs, Yixing smiles at him.

"You made me breakfast? You're the cutest boyfriend ever," he says, sitting up as Wu Fan rolls his eyes and slides back into bed beside him.

"Eat up," he says and Yixing grins.

"So American..." he murmurs, attempting to scoop up some of the eggs with a fork. Wu Fan makes a pained face at him.

"I'm not- I'm Canad- oh never mind," he finishes, as Yixing chuckles at him. Yixing feeds him a bit of his food, and Wu Fan inwardly cheers because it doesn't taste too terrible. It certainly tastes a lot better than the burnt batch he kept for his own breakfast.

"Right, well I'd better get going," Wu Fan says although his heart twinges with regret. Yixing chews down the last of the toast and moves the plate to the bedside table. He crosses his legs, and the skin of his stomach is soft in the morning light.

"Come back later?" he asks. To anyone else, his tone would seem almost bored, more of a statement than a question. But Wu Fan can hear the slight insecurity that glistens deep within it. He kisses it away.

"I have dogs to take care of, Yixing," he mumbles against the pliant lips. Yixing pouts, and Wu Fan kisses him again. "But you can come over to mine?"

"I have to work on my advertisement portfolio."

"Bring it over," Wu Fan says and Yixing smiles up at him.

"Okay," he says, and with that, he collapses backwards onto the mattress and Wu Fan leaves him with a laugh.


As December approaches, Yixing becomes busier at the bookstore. He often turns up at Wu Fan's place close to midnight with exhaustion circling beneath his eyes as he collapses onto the couch. Wu Fan just smiles and holds him close, reading his current book out loud as Yixing drifts off to sleep.

More often than not, they wake up with their legs tangled and two dogs sitting on top of them.


Yixing is sitting at Wu Fan's kitchen table as he sketches out the last few pages for his portfolio. His legs swing beneath him, tongue poking out between his lips as he concentrates. Wu Fan watches him as he cleans up the remains of their dinner, drying the plates with a cloth. Sketchbooks and pencils line the walls alongside tins filled with paintbrushes and a series of copic markers ordered in rainbow colours.

Wu Fan smiles at the realisation that his apartment has been turned into a makeshift art studio. He likes the fact that Yixing has invaded all aspects of his life. It's as though he's weaved himself into the thread of Wu Fan's very existence, soaking through his soul. Wu Fan revels in it.

"Hey," he says quietly. Yixing looks up, head slightly tilted. His eyes glisten in the glow of the lamp beside him. "I have my work Christmas party next month." He says it as though it doesn't matter, but his words tremble a little. Yixing raises a slight eyebrow.

"Oh?" he questions.

"Well I was thinking, you know if you want to, you could come?"

Yixing frowns, his fingers curling tighter around the mechanical pencil in his hand.

"Wu Fan," he begins quietly, as though wary of upsetting him, "you don't even like holding my hand in public."

Wu Fan finishes drying the plates and stacks them neatly indie the cupboard, before he sets the cloth down and makes his way over to Yixing. He sits down on the chair beside him, hands falling to clench nervously in his lap.

"I know," he says, "I'm sorry."

Yixing shrugs.

"You don't have to be," he says. But Wu Fan knows he is lying. He sees the winces of hurt, of rejection, when Wu Fan shrugs off his hand when they are in public or when he avoids a kiss. He is tired of pretending. He wants to be able to show the world how much Yixing means to him.

"Yixing, I don't want to be afraid anymore," he says.

Yixing's eyes widen a little and his fingers creep across the table until they settle on top of Wu Fan's hand.

"Are you sure?" he asks.

Wu Fan nods.

"I'm still scared," he says, "But more than anything, I just want to yell at everyone about how amazing you are."

Yixing snorts and shifts closer.

"You are so dumb," Yixing says leaning in to kiss Wu Fan's mouth, "But I love you."

Wu Fan tenses, smile frozen onto his face. He wants to say it back, he knows he should, but nothing comes out of his mouth. Yixing smooths down the lines across Wu Fan's forehead and kisses him again, slower this time, savouring the feeling.

"You're thinking too much again," he says softly. Wu Fan looks at him - the flecks of dark brown in his irises surrounded by a golden hue. A tinge of lead pencil is smeared across his chin, and the skin on his nose is flaking a little - he must have forgotten to use his moisturiser again.

"I know," he says, but he still doesn't say the words. He just kisses Yixing and forgets.

One step at a time, he thinks.


"What's this I hear about you bringing a plus one to the Christmas party?" Jongdae asks, hanging by the door to Wu Fan's office. Wu Fan looks up from pretending to read some important document but actually texting Yixing beneath the table.


Jongdae grins and leans casually against the doorframe, flicking a finger in his direction.

"You have a date. You're hiding some secret girlfriend from us. This is some kind of betrayal of trust."

Wu Fan scoffs and rolls his eyes. His insides twist violently.

"It's not a big deal," he says, as nonchalant as he can.

Jongdae makes a sound of amusement and raises an eyebrow.

"This is huge! I can't wait to meet her!"

"Meet who?"

Zitao pokes his head inside and something in Wu Fan feels like it dies. Jongdae grabs Zitao by both shoulders and shakes him violently.

"Wu Fan has a girlfriend he isn't telling us about!" he screeches loudly. If the whole office didn't already know about it, they certainly do now. Zitao's mouth drops open.

"What! Why didn't you tell us!" he exclaims, directing it towards Wu Fan. Wu Fan raises his hands in defeat as a soft sigh escapes him.

"I didn't think it was that important," he mumbles.

"It is!" Jongdae says, and Zitao nods violently behind him. Wu Fan sinks low in his chair and buries his nose in the papers he is reading. Dread sits cold and heavy inside him and a shiver tingles down his spine when he sees Yixing's name pop up on his phone alerts.

He isn't sure he can do this.


"I don't know if I can do this," Wu Fan whispers. He holds a tie in one hand and a pair of shoes in the other. His shirt is unbuttoned and the sleeves hang loose off his wrists. Yixing frowns and walks over until he stands just before him. Slowly, he begins to do up Wu Fan's buttons.

"Yes you can."

"But what if-"

He is silenced by a kiss. Yixing smiles up at him.

"You worry too much. Breathe okay? and I'm going to be right here beside you. Your friends are great, they're not going to care I can guarantee it."

Yixing is rubbing soothing circles into his arm and Wu Fan feels the tension drain out of him. He exhales, tired and drawn out, before he nods.

"Okay," he replies, and Yixing snatches the tie from his wrist and loops it around Wu Fan's neck. He doesn't even notice that he is chewing on his bottom lip until Yixing makes a sound of displeasure and flicks his chin.

"Seriously, calm down you silly thing."

Wu Fan huffs and releases his bottom lip with a small pop.

"Yixing are you-is that my tie?" His fingers find the material of said tie, and he smooths the orange material against his palm. Yixing's smile twitches mischievously and he shrugs.

"I may have kept your tie that one time you wore it to the bookstore..."

And Wu Fan remembers how much Yixing said he hated that tie, and now it's looped around his neck - a vivid contrast against the crisp white of his shirt. Wu Fan swallows a laugh but he can't hide the smile that stretches across his lips.

Yixing grins in return and kisses him long and slow. His hands crawl over Wu Fan's shoulders, slender fingers curling at the nape of his neck and playing with the soft wisps of hair that curl there. Wu Fan lets himself give in, eyes falling shut as he kisses Yixing back, tugging the smaller man closer by the belt loops of his pants. Everything is forgotten, tucked behind the feeling of warmth that blossoms inside Wu Fan as Yixing sighs happily against him.

When Yixing pulls apart, his face is flushed and his eyes are dark.

"Are you going to be okay now?" he asks, sounding slightly breathless.

Wu Fan nods and places an extra kiss on his nose for good measure.

The boss of their firm always holds the annual Christmas party in upper-class establishments, and this year is no exception. They find themselves at a suave hotel bar, booked out entirely for their function. Dim white lights sparkle from the ceiling, and a cool evening breeze drifts over the balcony as Wu Fan enters, Yixing following closely behind him.

Lu Han is the first to see him, and he bounds over enthusiastically with an empty glass in one hand. He greets Wu Fan and pulls Yixing into a hug.

"You brought Yixing!" he exclaims happily. Jongdae sidles over, his collar missing a few buttons and his sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

"Where's the girl?" he asks, throwing Wu Fan a wink. Zitao nods enthusiastically at the side. Wu Fan swallows what feels like a horde of angry hornets.

"Yixing is my plus one," he says. Amazingly, his voice doesn't tremble. Yixing steps closer to his side and despite remaining silent, he acts to steady Wu Fan.

Jongdae pokes his tongue out.

"Ugh, lame. You told us you were bringing a date not a friend."

Wu Fan looks down. Yixing's fingers touch at his hand, before slipping to find the spaces between, squeezing softly.

"He is my date."

It's as though everything freezes - the rest of the party continues on, but the sound seems to swell and fade to nothing, leaving only the erratic thump of Wu Fan's heartbeat. For once in his life, Jongdae seems lost for words. Zitao just gapes at him, and Minseok's eyes are so wide that his irises are only small pinpricks surrounded by white. Lu Han sips at his drink, a soft but encouraging smile tugging at his lips.

"Huh?" Zitao says and Jongdae manages some kind of unintelligible sound. Minseok smiles.

"Then I guess you should come and meet everybody Yixing!" he says, and Wu Fan inwardly thanks him as Minseok takes Yixing by the arm and begins making the rounds.

"So..."Jongdae says, looking over at Yixing before he turns back to Wu Fan, "that's a thing." His surprise has faded into what appears to be dulled amusement. It sets Wu Fan's heart back to a normal pace.

"Yixing is lovely," Zitao says truthfully, nodding along in support.

"Sorry I didn't tell you guys sooner I just-"

The wave of a hand stops him. "The past is the past Wu Fan, shut up and come and drink something. You're already twenty minutes behind us so you'd better catch up," Jongdae says, looping an arm around his shoulder and dragging him towards the thrum of the party. He sees Yixing talking to his boss and catches his eye, ducking his head when Yixing smiles at him.

Yixing catches him later as he is pouring himself another glass of punch.

"See?" he says, whisper tickling across the back of Wu Fan's neck, "I told you they wouldn't mind." Wu Fan smiles and turns to him, glass still in his hand.

"Don't pretend it wasn't risky," Wu Fan says. Yixing shrugs and Wu Fan kisses him quick enough to be indiscreet. "But thank you for believing in me, and them."

Yixing grins, a little shy. He moves a little closer, a hand trailing up near Wu Fan's arm and Wu Fan doesn't even care that they're in public.

"I love you," Yixing says, and Wu Fan kisses him in response. It mustn't be quick enough this time, because Jongdae lets out a low whistle, and Wu Fan pulls away flushing. Yixing laughs and swipes the drink out of Wu Fan's hand, downing it in nearly a single swallow before he passes back the empty glass.

"Go grab me another one while I mingle with your friends," he says.

Wu Fan rolls his eyes but obliges, as Yixing glides away to talk to Lu Han.


It's the last week before Christmas holidays, and Wu Fan feels as though he is being driven to insanity at work. He comes home late one night, the imprint of his computer screen etched into his retinas every time he blinks. Every muscle in his body screams at him to sleep, and he only just manages to open the door and stumble into the apartment.

The light is on and Yixing is working on some kind of sketch on the lounge. He doesn't look over, but he raises a hand in acknowledgement.

"Welcome home," he says, pencil scratching on the paper.

Wu Fan blinks at the apartment and everything is a mess. There are sketchbooks piled on the floor and pencils pressed into every corner. Sunny is chewing on god knows what in the corner and Wu Fan feels his mind itch with irritation. Tension coils behind his eyes and he inhales deeply, feeling irrational anger flare up inside him.

"Why is there shit everywhere?" he says, voice low. Yixing shrugs, still scratching away at his sketch book.

"There's always shit everywhere. I just usually clean it up a little before you get home."

Wu Fan looks at him. Yixing doesn't seem to notice the atmosphere, which only makes Wu Fan angrier. He clenches his hands into fists.

"I hate it," he hisses, "I hate how much stuff you leave around."

Yixing turns to look at him now, pencil hovering where it pauses.


"This!" Wu Fan says, voice rising as he picks up a sketchbook and shakes it adamantly, "I hate this. All the time my house looks like a fucking mess and all I want to do is come home and sleep but it's covered in all your stupid shit."

Yixing blinks at him, and his eyebrows twitch slightly as his own anger ripples through the usually calm surface.

"What are you talking about? You've never hated it before."

Wu Fan makes a sound of disagreement and then Yixing is up on his feet, sketchbook held beneath his arm.

"Why are you being so childish?" Yixing says loudly. Wu Fan glares at him.

"Why are you so clingy?"

"Excuse me?" Yixing says, eyes widening incredulously. Spots of anger dance across his cheeks, and his eyes glint dangerously in the dull lights of the room. If Wu Fan was of a more sane mind, he would probably be slightly terrified of Yixing right now.

"You're always around me, you're always in my apartment!"

"That's because I love you, you dick! What, do you want me not to be here?"

Wu Fan's head stings with a headache.

"Yes, that's exactly what I want."

Yixing's anger fades slightly into disbelief. He blinks.

"You want me to leave?"

Wu Fan nods, massaging his temple. Yixing swallows and then he is darting around the room, trying to scavenge as much of his art stuff as possible. He drops a pencil and picks it up again, slotting it into the pile balanced between the curves of his arm. He eyes are downcast, and Wu Fan almost feels a tinge of regret, but it is buried under the wave of tiredness that overcomes him.

"I'm going to bed," he says with a sigh and he barely makes it to the bedroom before he collapses face first onto the mattress and falls asleep.

When he wakes up in the morning, all of Yixing's things are gone. The art books and the pencils, the paint tins, the erasers, the sheets of crumpled paper - it's all vanished. The small pair of shoes that used to accompany Wu Fan's beside the front door are missing, and Wu Fan's cupboard has been emptied of any clothes Yixing had kept there.

Wu Fan sits on the lounge for a good thirty minutes before he decides to make himself a cup of tea.

It tastes like Yixing.

He tips it all down the sink.


They don't speak for a week.

Wu Fan hides up in his apartment when he isn't out at work, and ignores the hundreds of texts Lu Han sends him and the sad emoticons Zitao sends.

The place feels abandoned without Yixing filling up the spaces. It lacks character and the quiet charm Yixing gave the apartment, and Wu Fan feels an immense loneliness settle on his shoulders when he lies on the couch and gazes around the room.

He had become so accustomed to the kisses that would send him on his way to work and the warm smiles that would welcome him home. He misses the scratch of Yixing's pencil against paper, the way Yixing would always accidentally smudge lead across his nose. The soft songs that Yixing would hum echo as ghost in the walls and Wu Fan finds himself singing along as he moves around the kitchen.

It's on one of the lonely nights that Wu Fan's phone screen glares at him in the dark and he finally pushes through his stubbornness and types out an apology.

His reply comes with a loud sound outside the hallway the next afternoon. Wu Fan pauses mid-sip of a fresh cup of tea just as the door to his place flies open and Yixing tumbles inside. Wu Fan barely even has time to take in his flushed face and his bright eyes before he is pulled into a hug, Yixing's mouth pressing against the side of his throat.

"I got it Wu Fan! I got the job!"

Wu Fan gently places his tea down and pushes Yixing back a little, holding him tight around the arms. Yixing's gloved hands are balled into fists and his smile is so wide Wu Fan can count almost every single tooth. His heart aches with how much he has missed Yixing.

"The advertisement job?"

Yixing nods quickly, bobbing on the spot. Wu Fan grins and ducks his head lower so he can hold Yixing's gaze sincerely.

"I'm so glad! I knew they would love you! How could they not?"

Yixing smiles.

"You're just biased."

Wu Fan kisses his nose.

"Probably," he says, and they look at each other for a long moment, confusion and hurt and anger all forgotten. Shared apologies go unspoken, and Wu Fan feels impossibly light. It's too easy - it's far too easy to slip back into what they had before.

Yixing laughs, tugging at Wu Fan's collar as he pulls the latter down to kiss him properly on the lips. As Yixing pulls back, eyes dilated with excitement and his cheeks red, he twirls backwards and collapses on the couch. Both of Wu Fan's dogs bound over to him to see what all the excitement is about and Yixing laughs, petting them happily. Pixie makes herself immediately comfortable in Yixing's lap. Wu Fan watches them with his arms crossed, and already his house feels full again.

"Did you want dinner?" he asks, "You can choose since it's your special day."

Yixing smiles, kicking his legs up in the air. He looks so childish like this with his hair unruly in a halo around his head and sparkling eyes.

"Pizza," he says, still a little breathless from all the energy surging through him. Wu Fan snorts and picks up the phone.

"What kind?"


Wu Fan makes a face. "Again?" he asks, and Yixing just nods, fingers absently stroking the dog in his lap. Wu Fan dials and places the order. When he hangs up the phone, Yixing's eyes are closed and his breathing has evened out, that gentle smile still pressed on his lips.

Wu Fan sits down beside him, thumb brushing across his cheek. Yixing peeks one eye open and observes him.


"Don't fall asleep before your pizza gets here."

"I'm not falling asleep," he replies, "I'm just savouring the moment."


Wu Fan reaches for his tea and curls his legs up beneath him. They're too long and he wriggles uncomfortably for a moment, before he unfurls them again. He isn't looking at Yixing, but he can feel Yixing's gaze trained on him. Yixing leans over, nose wrinkling and eyes narrowed. He pokes a finger at the cup in Wu Fan's hand.

"Where's mine?" he asks, before taking the cup out of Wu Fan's hand and taking a slow, deliberate sip. His lips curl into a smirk as Wu Fan whacks him on the arm.

"Hey! Get your own!"

He goes to grab it back but Yixing is on his feet, just out of his reach. He tilts his head, pursing his lips comically.

"You're so slow Wu Fan, must be all of those long limbs weighing you down." Wu Fan laughs and tries to take the cup back again, but Yixing ducks backwards. The tea inside teeters dangerously close to the edge and Wu Fan suppresses the terror regarding his nice clean couch.

"You're so annoying," he says, a laugh rippling through his words. Yixing glides out of the way of an outstretched hand and hides behind the bench top, mop of brunet hair poking up above the marble. He stands up and, with a devilish grin, downs the last of the tea. Wu Fan inhales a gasp and moves forward, aiming to take the empty cup anyway as a last victory. But he is caught off balance when Yixing places the cup to the side and moves forward to meet him, hands framing his waist.

"Sorry," Yixing says, although his tone indicates he is anything but. He laughs against Wu Fan's skin and then Wu Fan is falling, tugged towards the couch again which they both land on in a tangle of arms and legs.

"I missed you," Yixing whispers, his nose pressing against Wu Fan's neck as he places a kiss against the pulse that flutters at the base of his throat. Wu Fan sighs and decides he never wants Yixing to leave again.

"Move in with me," he says.

Yixing's smile freezes on his face for a moment, before it widens to a blinding degree. Yixing's hands fist in his shirt and shock flutters with his eyelashes.



A sigh falls from Yixing's lips, happy and content as Wu Fan's arms move to circle Yixing's back and Wu Fan becomes lost in laughter and kisses that taste like stolen tea.


It snows on Christmas eve.

Wu Fan and Yixing take the dogs out for a walk at night beneath the stars. The street is bustling with people, light blinking out from shop windows wishing them a merry Christmas. The park is a little quieter, although people still wander around, lost in the content atmosphere of the evening.

Yixing is bundled up in a coat, grey beanie tugged down over his ears. His boots scuff the ground, kicking snow into the air as he walks hand in hand with Wu Fan. Another couple walking a dog pass them and Sunny barks playfully. Wu Fan shushes her, and nods a greeting towards the couple who smile at them.

Their entwined hands swing between them as Yixing points out the patterns of the stars studded into the velvet sky and Wu Fan pretends to listen as he watches the moon glisten in Yixing's eyes. They wander aimlessly for a little while, trading pavement for soft grassy hills.

"I met you right over there you know," Yixing says, tilting his head towards a tree just beside them.
To Wu Fan, it seems no different than any of the other trees that line the grass, but Yixing seems certain of it. A nostalgic smile tugs at Yixing's lips and his fingers slip from Wu Fan's grip as he wanders over to the tree. He runs his fingers lightly over the bark.

"You know what I thought," he says, turning back to look at Wu Fan. Wu Fan shakes his head and Yixing grins. "I thought to myself that you would fit right in with the trees here."

Wu Fan snorts and ruffles Yixing's hair in the obnoxious way he knows Yixing despises. Yixing ducks away from his outstretched hand and hides behind the tree, just his face peeking out from the side.
Wu Fan leans forward, the bark scratching the side of his cheek and the leads of the dogs tugging in his hands. Yixing's gaze falls away, and colour flushes his cheeks a soft pink.

"Actually, what I really thought was that your dogs were cute, but you were much cuter."

Wu Fan's lips quirk up at the corners.

"Don't speak too loudly or they might hear you," Wu Fan says. Yixing laughs lightly and punches him on the arm as he swings himself around the tree. He bends down, crouching down towards the dogs who immediately give him all of their attention.

"I was only kidding Sunny," he says, ruffling her ears, "You guys are definitely cuter than your tree-like owner." He pets Pixie softly on her side and stands back up, as a cheeky smile slips across his face. Wu Fan laughs, curling an arm around Yixing's waist as they continue across the grass.

They find a wooden bench on the side of the path and sit down, tying the dogs' leashes to the metal legs. A snowflake lands on Wu Fan's cheek and he shivers, brushing it away with a thumb.

Yixing curls up against his side, gloved hands fitting snugly into the warm pockets of Wu Fan's coat. He shivers, so Wu Fan tugs off his own scarf and wraps it around Yixing's neck, burying his chin. The dogs sit by their feet trying to eat the snow as it falls around them and covers the grass in spots of white. Wu Fan can feel Yixing breathing against him, a soft warmth that puffs against his bare neck.
Wu Fan sighs.

"You make me feel crazy," he says quietly. Yixing chuckles against him, eyes as bright as the moon that shines within them.

Yixing grips him even tighter.

"Well," he says slowly, as though choosing his words carefully, "the best people usually are."

Wu Fan looks at him, a smile slipping across his lips.

"Are you misquoting Alice in Wonderland at me?"

Yixing grins.


Wu Fan lets out a loud groan, startling the dogs. His breath mists on the air, illuminated by the streetlamp beside the bench.

"Why is my boyfriend such a geek?" he exclaims, throwing his head back as though asking the heavens about his very existence. Yixing snorts and elbows him hard.

"Shut up!" he says, "If it wasn't for my love of books, we would never have met."

Wu Fan glances at him, a smile still playing on his lips.

"That's true. Maybe we're living in one of your fairytales."

Yixing pretends to think about it, casting his gaze across the park. It is lovely on Christmas eve, with lights strung up about the trees and the distant sound of carols across in the town. There are a few other couples about, kissing beneath trees or chasing each other in the snow.

"Maybe," Yixing says, "this is definitely the most magical Christmas I've ever had." His eyes are crinkled and his mouth his stretched in a smile but his words are steady with sincerity. Wu Fan looks at him - at the way his nose is red from the cold and his hair falls in his eyes, how one of his ear peeks out from his grey beanie, and how Yixing is wearing one of Wu Fan's shirts beneath the oversized jacket he is bundled up in. He feels affection burst and bubble inside him and the words slip far too easy from his mouth.

"I love you, you know."

Yixing doesn't say anything, he just tilts his head slightly, the scarf muffling his smile before he tugs it down and leans forward to kiss Wu Fan gently. His lips are warm, but the nose that bumps his cheek is cold, and Wu Fan sighs against him, wrapping his arms around Yixing's frame.

"Mmm," Yixing purrs, "I do know. But it is nice to finally hear it."

Wu Fan pulls back with a smile. He gets to his feet, twirling around so that he is facing Yixing. Yixing watches him curiously, arms wrapping around his chest as he shivers a little.

"Let me escort you back to our palace, my fairytale prince," Wu Fan says, bowing low enough so that his blond hair falls across his eyes. Yixing snorts, and hides his smile with the back of his gloved hand.

"You are ridiculous."

Wu Fan nods.

"I know."

And then Yixing is laughing as he takes Wu Fan's offered hand, pulling Wu Fan into a one sided hug. He pokes Wu Fan's side, hard enough to make Wu Fan wince and then he is backing away across the snow on the pavement.

"You're definitely cheesy enough to be the hero of a fairytale, but obviously the hero should be the more handsome one," Yixing says, flashing Wu Fan a wink. Wu Fan gapes at him.

"Excuse me?" he says, and Yixing laughs, that unbridled laugh that bursts in childish giggles from his throat as he spins on the ball of his foot and begins walking away. Wu Fan shakes his head with a smile and unwinds the leashes from around the bench. The light from the street lamps cast a brilliant contrast between the snow and Yixing's silhouette, and Wu Fan smiles as Yixing pauses, head tilting just enough for Wu Fan to see the spark of mischief in his eyes.

He remembers wondering what it meant to have memorised Yixing's outline all those months ago when they first met - to know the curve of his shoulders, the wisp of his hair, the length of his legs. He thinks he knows what it means now.

He laughs and the dogs bark as he takes chase. When he catches the figure in the distance, he presses confessions of love against the cold chapped lips as the snow circles around them and the stars blink at them from above.


authors note: sorry that i've disappeared a little bit from writing and stuff except I haven't actually disappeared at all haha its just everything im writing is long and/or for a fic exchange so can't be posted here right now! This fic was written for wufantastic :3

Tags: exo, fourshot?, genre: au, kris/lay, xiumin/luhan
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