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[FANFIC] Penciled hearts

Title: Penciled Hearts
Pairings: Xiumin/Lu Han
Genre: High School!AU, fluff
Rating: G
Wordcount: 4,007
Summary: In which Lu Han is perfect, Minseok is a bit of a stalker and Yixing is annoying.
Disclaimer: I do not own EXO 

Translations; Vietnamese

penciled hearts 

The first time Minseok sees Lu Han he stops breathing for a moment and his heart beats just that tiny bit faster.

Lu Han is welcomed into their class as a transfer student from another school across the country and Minseok vaguely hears something about his Dad getting a new job closer to the city but he doesn't really know because he has forgotten how to think - all he knows are those crinkling eyes and the bright smile which stretches across the other boy's face.

And then Lu Han looks at him.

It's only a breeze of a gaze but Minseok swallows and the realisation that this isn't quite normal hits him with a literal thud as he falls backwards off his chair. A dozen or so eyes turn to stare at him and Minseok feels his face heat up, especially when he notices the amused expression on Lu Han's face. He picks himself up and sits back down, burying his face into his arms and refuses to lift his head for the rest of the lesson.

Lu Han was born on the 20th of April 1990 and writes that he is 'Just your average guy who loves to play soccer and watches too many movies' - well, at least that's what it says on his facebook page anyway. Minseok doesn't see it so much as stalking, more like learning, (although he is more than slightly disappointed that Lu Han's photos aren't public but hey, what can you do.)

Lu Han becomes almost instantly popular - the girls love him and the guys love him for the fact that he brings the girls to them.

Minseok almost always watches him in class while doodling on the corner of his book. Lu Han often falls into his own world and Minseok watches as his gaze drifts more frequently out the window, eyes glazing over and a little smile tugging at his lips. Minseok loves the way Lu Han becomes lost in his own thoughts. He loves it even more when Lu Han is suddenly jolted out of his reverie by one of his friends tapping his shoulder, the way his smile falls a bit but the ghost of a daydream is still evident in his eyes.

It's kind of cute.

"You're Minsook right?"

Minseok jumps, sending an accidental black line through the heart he had been drawing on his notebook.

He would know that voice anywhere.

He glances up and is met with the most beautiful eyes blinking at him. Yep that's it, i'm going to die, he thinks and sighs inwardly.

"Um, it's Minseok actually," he says quietly with an awkward smile.

"I'm Lu Han."

I know, Minseok thinks, believe me I know.

Lu Han smiles back and Minseok feels his heart flutter and he curses all of those cheesy teenage movies for actually being slightly accurate. There is a silence where they just look at each other although by look, its Lu Han's who looks at Minseok and Minseok just looks at his pen.

Lu Han bites his lip - oh Minseok really doesn't know what he's done to deserve this - and he frowns a little. "Erm, we're supposed to be working together for this project," he says, slowly dragging a chair over and sitting beside him.

Minseok's mouth falls open in a small 'o' shape. So that's why he was there, maybe he really should start paying attention in class.
Lu Han reaches over, his arm brushing against Minseok as he takes Minseok's pen and begins to write on the corner of his book.

"Here, this is my number. We should meet up sometime to work on it."

Minseok wants to agree but his tongue is heavy and his throat is dry so he just nods. The warmth beside him vanishes as Lu Han stands up and Minseok misses it instantly, cursing at himself for doing so.

Lu Han flashes a smile at him.

"Thursday at four in the library?"

Minseok later writes the date in his diary, underlines it, circles it, and draws a series of hearts around it (which he almost immediately crosses out.)

They meet every Thursday for the next few weeks and Minseok is amazed that he gets along with Lu Han so well. He spends most of the time though trying not to notice the way Lu Han's fringe falls across his eyes or how he bites his lip in concentration (and fails miserably).

"Why is this PowerPoint so lame," Lu Han groans and pretends to stab himself with his pen. Minseok smiles and Lu Han's eyes widen.

"Oh you should do that more often!"

Minseok glances at him, "Do what?"

"Smile, silly. You look so cute, like a baozi!" he exclaims and reaches forward to pinch his cheeks. Minseok pulls back alarmed, face burning.


Lu Han grins, "Yep, that's it. You were definitely a baozi in your past life, I did think you looked familiar." Minseok relaxes and smiles again, to which Lu Han's grin widens considerably.

"So cute," he coos and pokes one of his cheeks with a finger.

Minseok huffs and folds his arms but can't seem to stop smiling.

"And then Lu Han said that we should go to karaoke one day even though he doesn't like singing in front of people, I bet he's really good though." Minseok smiles, chewing on the top of his fork. Jongdae raises an eyebrow, and shakes his head.

"You are in so deep Minseok it's not even funny."

Minseok ignores him and continues eating.

School is over and Minseok sits inside one of the empty music classrooms thumbing through sheet music. He find what he is looking for, hums a few trial notes and then begins to sing the first verse of the song, pausing a few times to pencil things in and cross others out. It only takes him ten minutes before he is satisfied with it and decides to sing it all the way through. He gets to the end and frowns at the paper, there is still something missing, but he is broken from his trance when enthusiastic clapping sounds from the doorway.

He jumps and sides quickly off the desk he had been sitting on, already half way through an apologetic bow when he realises who it is.

"Lu Han why are you here?"

Lu Han walks inside the classroom. "I accidently left my pencil case in here," he says and points at his desk where the purple tin case is sitting. He pauses and a smile tugs at his lips, "You have a lovely voice Minseok."

Minseok blinks and feels his 'lovely voice' die in his throat. Lu Han stares at him and there is a few seconds where they just blink at each other before Lu Han seems to remember why he is there.

"Ah right," he says with a light laugh and picks up his pencil case. "See you round Minseok!"

Lu Han smiles at him and goes to walk away, glancing back just as he turns the corner and is hidden behind the door.

They walk together from class to lunch, arms brushing hands almost meeting and Minseok wants nothing more than to reach just that little bit further and curl his fingers around those dangling beside his own. They pause at the entrance of the cafeteria and Minseok glances at Lu Han.

"Sit with us," he blurts out, blushing immediately after he says it.

Lu Han laughs, surprised. "Okay if your friends won't mind," he says with a smile.

Lu Han follows Minseok over to his table and Minseok does his best to ignore the smirks of his friends, in particular Yixing and Jongdae who look ready to burst with restrained glee.

Lu Han nods shyly at them,"Hi i'm Lu Han," he says with a polite bow.

Yixing smirks, 'Oh we know," he says as Minseok kicks him under the table and Lu Han looks confused. Wu Fan frowns at Yixing and turns to Lu Han, "So what subjects do you do?"

Lu Han smiles and sits down beside Minseok. "Um well music, which is where I met Minseok actually."

"As if we haven't heard that story a thousand times," Yixing mutters under his breath as Jongdae laughs silently into his hand.

There is small silence where Lu Han blinks at Zitao for a moment before speaking.

"Hey aren't you that boy who is really good at martial arts?"

Zitao nods and offers a small smile.

"He's very quiet around new people," Minseok whispers to Lu Han who moves at the last moment so that Minseok's lips almost brush against his cheek. Minseok leaps back, heart thumping much too loudly for his liking and stares resolutely at his food. Lu Han doesn't seem to notice and starts up a conversation with Wu Fan about music.

Jongdae and Yixing exchange a glance and Minseok pretends he doesn't notice.

The teacher is saying something about treble clefs or it could be treble cliffs (although Minseok doesn't think three cliffs would have anything to do with music). The sound of his voice has become a constant drone now, nothing more than background noise to Minseok whose attention lies elsewhere. Minseok doesn't really feel bad about tuning out - its three in the afternoon for crying out loud - but what he does feel slightly guilty about are the glances he keeps stealing at Lu Han.

It's probably around the fiftieth time he looks at Lu Han that Lu Han actually looks back. His eyebrows rise and he mouths 'what'. Minseok shrugs and circles his finger, turn around. Lu Han narrows his eyes and spins around, ripping off a bit of paper and hastily scribbling a note before passing it behind his back to Minseok.

The note reads 'PAY ATTENTION BAOZI' and Minseok laughs before he flips it over to write back.

Shut up goodie-goodie

He hears an audible scoff as Lu Han reads it and scribbles back.

There's a reason I'm first of the class okay.

Minseok draws a stick figure of Lu Han with a giant head and a smug look on his face.

But you suck

Lu Han draws a small crown on top of the stick figure.

Minseok draws an arrow to the crown and writes 'king of the arrogant'

Lu Han draws a fat circle with two crosses inside it.

What is that?

It's you, baozi.

Minseok laughs, just a little too loudly, and the teacher hones in on the sound.

"Minseok! Would you like to tell the class what you find so funny?"

A hundred eyes are on him and Minseok feels his face grow red. The teacher taps his pen impatiently, his eyes narrowed, but returns back to teaching the lesson. Minseok catches Lu Han's eye who pokes his tongue out and grins at him before spinning around in his chair. Minseok folds up the paper covered in their notes and slips it in to his pocket, sneaking one last glance at Lu Han's baozi drawing with a smile.

Minseok gets a text on Monday, wanna go to the park later?~ ^^

Minseok pauses and types HELL YES before quickly deleting that and re-typing okay :) He doesn't want to sound as eager as he actually is which, for the record, is very.

Minseok gets to the park half an hour early and walks circles into the grass until Lu Han arrives.

"Hey!" Lu Han says, his eyes smiling with his mouth.

Minseok smiles back, "Couldn't wait till Thursday?" he says and then blushes almost immediately afterwards. Lu Han snorts and pokes his cheek.

"That's right," Lu Han says completely seriously and causes Minseok to blush even darker. He really hates his pale complexion at times like this. Lu Han just laughs and links his arm through Minseok's.

"Come on, I know a great little street stall with amazing food."

They walk for a while - Lu Han chatting along about some new television show he has started watching and Minseok silently watching him.

"What about you, what shows do you like?" Lu Han stops and Minseok actually takes a moment before he notices Lu Han's questioning gaze on him.

"Um, I don't really watch much tv actually," he says, hoping his smile is enough to make up for his lack of concentration. Lu Han's eyes widen as though he can't even comprehend such a thing and Minseok thinks disbelief is a rather cute look on him. Then again, every look is a cute look on him.

Lu Han laughs and Minseok swears that all he needs now are sparkles and rose petals and he would look like a character directly out of a shoujo manga.

"Well you should come over some time and watch some of my favourite shows then!"

"That would be nice," Minseok says softly.

There is a series of shrieks and Minseok feels a sense of impending doom as the eyes of the entire school snap over to him. His friends bound over and Minseok winces as Yixing shrieks again but this time right next to his ear - he'll probably have to get his hearing checked later - and then pinches his cheek.

"Happy Birthday mini-Minseok!"

Minseok frowns, "Hey! Don't call me that!"

Wu Fan moves beside him and leans an elbow on his head, pushing himself a little higher, "Sorry but he has a point Minseok." Minseok mouths 'suck up' to Wu Fan who aptly chooses to ignore him. Jongdae grins and pulls him in to a hug before pushing a crudely wrapped present into his arms.

"Happy Birthday!" he says and there is a resounding chorus of "Happy Birthday" which follows from the others. Minseok grins and is bombarded with what seems like a thousand arms which wrap around him and hold him tight. There is an overwhelming feeling of happiness that spreads through his body as he takes in the smiles of Jongdae and Yixing, Wu Fan's half smile, half frown and Zitao's twinkling eyes and smirk.

He laughs and thanks them and as they begin to move away to class he feels a pair of warm hands close over his eyes and hears a, "Guess who?" whispered in his ear.

A shiver trickles down his spine and Minseok can't help but swallow because Lu Han's voice sounds so low and so soft, and he just wants to- He forces a grin and slips out from beneath the hands.

"Hey Lu Han."

Lu Han smiles back, "Happy birthday baozi!" he says and flashes him two thumbs up with the widest smile Minseok can ever remember seeing him give. "I got you a present," he says and hands him a small package, his smile turning a little shy.

"You didn't have to."

Lu Han nods, 'I know, I wanted to." He pulls Minseok into a hug.

"Happy Birthday," he whispers and Minseok only just manages to hold on to his present.

They are at the coffee shop across from the school, a chocolate milkshake in front of Lu Han and a banana one in front of Minseok.
Lu Han sits forward in is chair, smiling despite the straw between his lips, his hands wrapped around the tall glass as though he is trying to soak in the very essence of the drink. Minseok takes a sip of his own milkshake and smiles, lips curling up higher on one side than the other.

"My friends like you," Minseok says, and Lu Han's eyes look up but his head doesn't move.

"Weally?" he says around the straw and blinks. Minseok nods and twirls his straw around in his drink.

Lu Han lets the straw go with a little pop and sits back in the chair.

"Well I like them too!" he says and beams, showing all of his teeth. Minseok takes another long sip, hiding his face as much as he can as he feels a sense of embarrassment creep over him.

Lu Han leans over suddenly and places his own straw in Minseok's milkshake. His hair falls over his face and Minseok has to lean back a bit as it brushes against his nose. Without sparing him a glance, Lu Han takes a sip.

"Hmm it's nice," he says when he's finished, but he doesn't move away. Instead his eyes blink at Minseok from only a few centimetres away. Minseok feels like he is on fire and his eyes fall, dropping his gaze, and then Lu Han moves away.

"Maybe I should order banana next time," Lu Han says quietly, his eyes wandering out the window.

Minseok sinks low into his seat.

"Hey Lu Han."

Lu Han looks up from his page, his eyes catching Minseok's- he has learnt not to flinch away every time that happens now. Lu Han hums softly, waiting for Minseok to continue.

"Thank you."

Lu Han blinks at him, "For what?" he says and Minseok shrugs.

"For everything, for being my friend."

Lu Han grins, something lopsided and reminiscent of Minseok's own smile. He kicks him under the table, "Don't be such a sap," he says.

Minseok laughs into his hand and looks away.

Sometimes they play soccer together. Lu Han is more than thrilled to hear that Minseok likes to play, good to have some competition he says. They play during lunch time and occasionally after school and when they do, Minseok can't help but feel a sort of thrill at being the person who, in that moment, holds the entirety of Lu Han's attention.

It's hot outside but storm clouds are brewing nearby; the tell-tale sound of thunder rumbling in the distance. The last rays of sunlight wash over the grass and cast a warm glow over the grounds. Minseok kicks the soccer ball, sending dirt and grass flying as it hurtles away from him. Lu Han lunges at it, missing it by his the tips of his fingers and he skids to a stop in the dirt.

Minseok jogs over with a smile. "Don't think you can beat me that easily."

Lu Han doesn't get up but instead tackles Minseok's legs so that he falls to the ground too. They both sit there smiling stupidly for a moment and Lu Han folds his arms, leaning forward so that they rest on Minseok's chest. Minseok can actually feel his breath and can almost count each individual eyelash. Lu Han smiles and there is something golden and warm that curls in his stomach and winds around his heart which beats just that little bit faster and he wishes the moment will never end.

I love you he thinks.

"You idiot," he says.

Lu Han lies on his stomach with his legs bent up in the air, kicking them a little. Minseok sits beside him, fingers curled into the grass and legs crossed loosely. The sun is bright and it filters through the leaves of the tree that hangs over them both. They sit in silence, but it's a comfortable silence and Minseok uses the time to watch the clouds as they glide by ever so slowly.

Lu Han sits up an shuffles a little closer. "Hey Minseok," he says, eyes following a feather as if falls to the grass, "Have you ever been in love?" Minseok freezes and it's like ice has been injected directly into his veins.

"Why?" he asks, silently thankful when his voice doesn't tremble. Lu Han sighs and shrugs, turning his attention to the grass now, twirling a blade between his fingertips.

"Well, I was just wondering - I was just curious really." He pauses and the grass falls from his fingers.

As the brown eyes meet his, Minseok can't do anything but smile as the last chip of his heart is stolen by Lu Han.

Minseok is laughing because Lu Han is laughing and when Lu Han laughs, everybody laughs.

They sit on the floor of his bedroom, the soft but audible beat of a pop song coming from the cd player on the dresser. Minseok curls his legs against his body as Lu Han plays around with a Stitch plush toy, swinging it around by its ears.

"You should sing for me," Minseok says suddenly, glancing at Lu Han who frowns at him.

"What? That's so awkward though."

Minseok shrugs and elbows him in the side. "Come on, you've heard me sing before!"

Lu Han sighs, "But you're good though." Minseok just looks at him expectantly until Lu Han rolls his eyes and reaches over to press the pause button on the cd player.

"Okay fine, but only a bit okay."

He coughs to clear his throat at Minseok sits forward, waiting- and then he begins. His voice isn't as beautiful as Jongdae's and its nothing like Wu Fan' deep melodies but it so wonderful and so very Lu Han that Minseok can't help it as his mouth falls open a little as he sings. Lu Han pauses, voice dying in his throat as he notices Minseok's expression, suddenly becoming nervous, his fingers fidgeting with the carpet. Wide eyes filled with vulnerability watch Minseok closely.

"What..?" he asks and Minseok feels something inside him snap and he leans forward and kisses Lu Han right on his mouth.

For a fraction of a second it's like all the gears stop whirring inside his brain and all Minseok can feel is the warmth of the lips against his. But then his brain connects the dots and registers what he's just done - oh my god what has he just done - and he pulls back quickly, red staining his cheeks.

There is a gaping pause where Minseok wants to crawl into a hole and die.

But then something happens and there is a hand on his waist tugging him forward, there are lips on his skin, lips against lips, and fingers pressing into his jaw. Minseok doesn't move due to a sort of paralysing fear that any movement might take this away but as Lu Han pulls back just a little, enough for Minseok to see the wet shine on his lips and the blush on his cheeks, Minseok realises he doesn't have to be afraid of that at all.

Lu Han lets out a nervous laugh and Minseok curses himself for finding it so sickeningly adorable.

"I was waiting for you to do that," he says softly and Minseok gives him a crooked smile.

"Sorry?" he says, because if he says anything more it will most probably come out as an incoherent jumble of sound. Lu Han slides his hand across the carpet, fingers entwining with Minseok's on the floor and he smiles, and its blinding.

"Really don't be," he whispers and once again their mouths meet and Minseok only wishes they had done his before.

"Hey Minseok!"

Minseok glances up to see Lu Han's smiling face. The teacher hasn't noticed the lack of attention but then again, he never does when it's his favourite student Lu Han. Minseok pretends to be interested in the lesson and continues moving his hand in a writing movement.

"What," he hisses, eyebrows raised.

Lu Han's smile widens and he lifts up the paper that Minseok had noticed he had been drawing on all morning. There's an enormous drawing of a steamed bun with love hearts dotting the page and the words, "I LOVE MY BAOZI" written in curly letters.

Minseok doesn't know whether he should be mortified or touched but snatches the paper out of Lu Han's hands.

He glances around the class, and when he's convinced that nobody is listening he smiles, "I love you too Lu Han."

Lu Han actually blushes and Minseok wishes he could jump over the table and kiss the life out of him. Instead he just laughs a little, "After class we-

"MINSEOK WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT TALKING." The teacher stands over his desk, whiteboard marker clenched tightly in his shaking fist.

Lu Han grins.

Minseok sighs.


A/N: what is this crap idek. I just had all of these fluffy xiuhan feels and it came out in this. sorry ^^; also im sorry for the thousands of baozi references orz  /hides in a hole

Tags: exo, fanfiction, genre: au, oneshot, xiumin/luhan
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