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[FANFIC] Not-so-hypothetical

Title: Not-so-hypothetical
Pairings: Kris/Lay
Genre: fluff, romance
Rating: G
Wordcount: 2,041
Summary: Wu Fan and Yixing are awake long after the others have gone to sleep and their conversation drifts towards something which is a little too serious for the early hours of the morning.

Translations; Vietnamese


It’s late but Wu Fan is still awake. It’s been a long few months, years even, of constant and intensive training all in preparation for the next few weeks to come and that thought alone is enough to delay his sleep. He doesn’t mind staying up that little bit later anyway, he takes his role as leader as a personal duty and feels the need to wait until everyone else is asleep before he sets off to bed.

He slouches on the lounge, his back sore from the hours of dance practice they did that day and stretches, feeling a satisfying crack. The television blinks colour at him and he yawns, it’s late and there’s nothing interesting on but he can’t help being mesmerised by the moving images.

“What are you doing still up?”

Yixing walks out from the hallway, his hair sticking out at odd angles and his eyes drooping a little. He scratches at his shoulder and pulls up his pyjama pants which are much too loose and slip low over his hips. Wu Fan holds back a smile and shoos him away with his free hand, the other, wrapped around the television remote.

“Go back to bed. I’m going to sleep in a second.”

Yixing rolls his eyes and walks towards him instead, sliding onto the lounge with a satisfied exhale. He wriggles around for a bit, his knees dig into the cushion and his toes are cold as they press against Wu Fan’s thigh. Wu Fan frowns at him but Yixing chooses to ignore it, his gaze focussed on the drama instead.

“What are you even watching?”

Wu Fan shrugs and offers the remote to Yixing, “I don’t know. You can change it if you want.”

Yixing shakes his head. His arm is resting against his legs, fingers trailing close to Wu Fan’s own knee.

“Are you nervous?”

“Of what,” Wu Fan replies but he knows the answer already. Yixing just sends him a pointed look.


It’s blunt and usually Wu Fan would see the admission as a sign of weakness but its Yixing and Yixing isn’t just anyone. Yixing’s mouth tightens and his lips pull sideways, pushing his cheeks down a little. He thinks for a moment perhaps he should have lied because there is a dim spark of uncertainty now that flashes across Yixing’s eyes because he – their leader, had just admitted to feeling frightened.

Yixing looks at him hard, his gaze piercing.

“We’ll be okay right?”

And this time Wu Fan knows exactly how to answer. “Of course,” he says and he believes it with all of his heart.

Yixing smiles and snuggles further into the couch, effectively pressing closer against Wu Fan so now their shoulders touch and their arms are warm against each other. He shivers a little and Wu Fan drags the blanket he has tossed over his lap closer to his chest, letting it fall over Yixing as well. Yixing throws him a grateful smile and threads his arm through Wu Fan’s.

“I bet they’re going to love us,” he says quietly – firmly; as though he is convincing himself.

Wu Fan makes a sound of agreement low in his throat and Yixing grins.

“I bet they’ll love you,” he say, his eyes bright. Wu Fan drags his gaze away from the television and smiles.

“I think I might scare the fans away.”

Yixing laughs and the sound is beautiful Wu Fan thinks, soft and warm against his neck as Yixing tries to stifle it with his hand. He shakes his head, already haphazard brown hair flying with the movement. He pokes Wu Fan in the stomach, eyes dancing.

“You want to know what I first thought of you?”

Wu Fan raises an eyebrow. “Do I?” he asks, watching as Yixing’s smile grows wider and he shrugs.

“I thought that you were really handsome.”

Wu Fan’s stomach does a minor backflip but Yixing’s tone is teasing and nothing more. He rolls his eyes and nudges Yixing’s shoulder a little too hard so that Yixing mock glares at him before pushing him back. Wu Fan throws his legs up so that they are curled on the couch beneath him, just like Yixing’s are.

“Well I always thought you were the prettiest.”

Yixing snorts and Wu Fan loves the way he doesn’t even try to be Lay. Here, he is just Yixing and Yixing is perfect.

“I’m not really sure if that’s a compliment,” Yixing says.

“Yeah, me either.”

He smirks and even though it’s dark and the outline of Yixing’s face is hazy against the flickering light of the television, he is certain that Yixing rolls his eyes.

“You’re going to have to do better than that if you want fangirls.”

“I could if I wanted to.”


“Just you wait and see.”

Yixing pouts and his eyes widen (in an expression which Yixing clearly believes to represent a fangirl and which Wu Fan finds to be extremely disturbing) and he clings on to Wu Fan’s arm.

“Oppa oppa do you think I’m fat? How do you think I look? I bought this dress and-"

Wu Fan lifts a hand and presses it against Yixing’s lips, shushing him. Yixing mumbles something but its unintelligible, his mouth wet and warm against Wu Fan’s palm. Wu Fan laughs as Yixing frowns, glaring at him through narrowed eyes.

“What did you say?”

Yixing brushes his lips with the back of his hand, nose wrinkling in distaste.

“I said I’m going to have to warn all of the girls about your lying ways.”

Wu Fan scoffs, “I don’t care about girls.”

There is a terse silence and Wu Fan takes a moment to process his last words before coming to the same conclusion he assumes Yixing must have. Yixing tenses and Wu Fan can feel how his body stiffens beside him. Wu Fan coughs and fumbles around for words because Yixing has this incredulous look on his face and it’s so very disconcerting.

“No-I mean, I just, I’m focussing on this now, us, EXO,” he says, stumbling over the words because he wants Yixing’s expression to disappear more than anything. It takes a moment and Yixing blinks a few times and then he breathes and as he does so, Wu Fan relaxes too.

“Oh okay I just thought-“

“I know, but I’m not-“

“Well that’s good.”

Yixing coughs lightly. Wu Fan kind of wishes the lounge could absorb him. There is another pause and then-

“What if someone was?”

It’s a little too nonchalant and Wu Fan glances at Yixing sharply but he is tracing patterns into the blanket with his fingers. It’s strange but Wu Fan feels an intense pressure settle on his shoulders suddenly because whatever Yixing is thinking about is a little too serious for this time of morning.

“Well there are lots of people who are,” he ventures vaguely, silently hoping he can brush the topic away. Yixing shakes his head a little, eyes sill trained on the blanket, following a piece of wool as it dips and curves.

“No, I mean, if someone in EXO was…” he trails off and makes an unclear gesture with his hands. It doesn’t matter, Wu Fan understands. There’s a low buzzing in his head and he feels much too tired for this.

Yixing coughs again. “I mean hypothetically of course.”

Wu Fan nods, “Yeah, hypothetically.”

There is a pause where the only sound is an old lady in the drama moaning about her estranged son.

“I suppose,” he says, “that it wouldn’t matter. Not to me anyway. Hypothetically.”

Yixing looks up at him and there’s something that flickers across his eyes which tells Wu Fan that he chose his words well. Yixing smiles a little bit, the corner of his lips quirking enough to impress a dimple into his right cheek.

“Okay,” is all he says and he shuffles closer, leaning his head so that it rests against Wu Fan’s shoulder, strands of hair tickling against his cheek. Yixing’s shoulder is digging into his own and somehow under the blanket he finds Wu Fan’s hand, linking their fingers together. It’s funny, Wu Fan thinks, how perfectly their hands fit together.

“What if,” Yixing says but his voice is softer now, edging on nothing more than a whisper, “What if it was me. Hypothetically.”

Wu Fan’s breath catches in his throat but Yixing seems to be relatively calm, if only a little quieter than before.


“Of course.”

He wants to turn his head so he can see Yixing’s expression but the head pressed against his shoulder stops him from doing so.

“I-I wouldn’t care Yixing, it wouldn’t change anything.”

Yixing hums softly and Wu Fan wonders what he is thinking. Wu Fan knows his heart is beating a little too fast and it only speeds up as he goes to say his next words.

“What if- what if hypothetically, you weren’t the only one.”

The fingers linked with his contract suddenly and he can feel Yixing tensing. It’s a little more than frightening but there is some sort of adrenalin that spurs him on, or perhaps it’s just the consequence of surviving on minimal sleep - whatever the reason, Wu Fan continues to speak.

“What if,” he stops and breathes deeply before continuing, “What if hypothetically, I liked you? A lot.”

There is a pause and Wu Fan realises with a stab of regret, that he might have taken it too far so he opts to remain silent and leaves the next move up to Yixing. As Yixing exhales Wu Fan can feel it, the way his body expands and his chest moves against Wu Fan’s side. Wu fan bites his lip.

Yixing removes himself from beside Wu Fan and sits up, his knees are still tucked under his body but now he is completely facing Wu Fan rather than the television. His eyes are wide and searching and Wu Fan forces himself to look over, but all he sees is confusion swimming in those dark pupils.


Wu Fan wants to say yes but the word dies on his lips. He swallows, his gaze never leaving Yixing’s as he shakes his head, only slightly, but enough for Yixing to inhale sharply. Yixing blinks and edges forward just that little bit little closer on his knees.

He wets his lips and Wu Fan swears he can see the lightest blush on his cheeks.

“Well then,” Yixing says softly, “I would not-so-hypothetically want to kiss you.”

Wu Fan processes his words for a second before he smiles, a little incredulous, a little unsure but a smile that spreads over his face so wide he fears his mouth might split. Yixing watches him and bites his lip and Wu Fan does his best to stop his heart from leaping against his ribcage, consequently failing.

“Can I?” Yixing asks and it’s so hesitant and vulnerable that Wu Fan actually colours a little before nodding.

Yixing leans forward, just enough so that their lips are almost brushing, enough for him to inhale Yixing’s breath. And then Yixing grins, a wonderful smile that lights up his face and Wu fan goes slightly cross eyed watching because they are so close but it’s only for a moment because then Yixing is kissing him and god does it feels amazing.

He shivers as Yixing ‘s tongue flickers across his lips and he moves his hands up, arms winding around Yixing’s neck as Yixing moves even closer. Its a little unsettling how much he is affected by Yixing but in the moment he doesn’t care, it’s the last thought on his mind as Yixing presses their bodies closer, moving his legs so that they wrap around Wu Fan’s torso. The contact is kind of wonderful but there is a heat in Wu Fan’s stomach which demands more and his hips arch forward a little as a sound of pleasure slips from between Yixing’s lips.

Yixing pulls away and rests their heads together, laughing as his hands settle on Wu Fan’s waist. Wu Fan brushes a thumb across his cheek.

“Well that was-“


Yixing huffs out a laugh and nods.

“And not even just hypothetically.”

 - - - 

A/N: bleargasfasdgdf *melts into a blob on the floor*

Tags: exo, fanfiction, kris/lay, oneshot
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