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[FANFIC] Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

Title: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
Pairings: Kris/Lay
Genre: AU, Fluff, Comedy
Rating: G
Wordcount: 2, 228
Summary: Yixing works at a shop that sells greeting cards. Wu Fan buys more cards in a week than he has in his entire life.
Disclaimer: I do not own EXO unfortunately~ 

roses are red, violets are blue

It’s Lu Han’s birthday and Wu Fan has forgotten to get him a card. He has a present - a perfectly wrapped present, even with a little bow on the top (Wu Fan had thought that was a nice touch) and yet he forgot the card.

He swears as he glances at the time on the dashboard, slamming on the breaks as he does an impressive manoeuvre directly in between two cars, a little wonky but effectively parking beside the curb.

He puts the money between his teeth as he struggles with one hand pushing against the door and the other holding his car keys. The door slams shut as he kicks it and he locks the car, flattening himself against the side as he narrowly misses being hit by a passing SUV. He mutters something that is undoubtedly rude but is muffled by the notes of cash in his mouth.

The shop is right beside his parking spot and he dashes inside, the door tinkling as it opens.

“Hello,” chirrups a cheery man behind the counter and Wu Fan barely spares him a glance as he begins to skim through the cards with inhuman speed. He wonders if Lu Han would appreciate a card with a naked old lady showing her middle finger – he supposes he wouldn't. He finds a simple one with a cute dog in sunglasses and decides that it’s good enough and he pulls it out, shuffling over to the counter.

The man smiles and Wu Fan pauses for a moment because there is an adorable dimple in his cheek and he feels a sudden urge to poke it. The man blinks at him.

“Um, did you want to buy the card?”

Wu Fan nods and passes it over, taking the money out of his mouth and placing it on the counter. The man looks at the money for a long moment before he sighs.

“You know what, have it for free. It’s on me.”

The man smiles and the dimple appears again and Wu Fan almost leaves without his card.


It’s later that week that Zitao goes in to the hospital to get his wisdom teeth removed. Wu Fan supposes he should get him a card- although an annoying voice in his mind tells him that he wouldn’t usually bother. He chooses to ignore it in favour of seeing the man who works at the shop again.

The bell tinkles and an artificial breeze from the air-conditioner teases at his hair. The man is there but he doesn’t notice Wu Fan straight away, his eyes instead focussed on the book in front of him. When he looks up, his eyes brush over Wu Fan and he smiles. Wu Fan vaguely wonders if there are any cards declaring your love for a person’s smile.

“Hey,” he says and Wu Fan smiles back because he doesn’t really want to try talking right now, not when his brain is at least half a minute behind his actions.

He busies himself looking at cards and only realises that he must have spent a long time staring into space when there is a movement behind him and a voice in his ear.

“Did you need help at all?”

He spins around and almost topples back against the rack of cards, the other man catching him by his wrist before he does. Wu Fan fights down a rising blush and coughs.

“No, I’m fine, thank you.”

The other man nods and digs his hands into the pockets of his jeans, lips quirking into a lopsided smile.

“You were completely still for a very long time.”

Wu Fan looks away; embarrassed. He grabs the first ‘get well soon’ card he sees and holds it up with a smile.

“It’s okay, I found what I need.”

The man raises an eyebrow, “Oh okay.”

Wu Fan looks at the card and seriously wishes he could sink into the floor. Of course he’s picked the one with two naked people on the front and the caption ‘get well soon – I miss having sex with you.’ He hurriedly slides it back into its place and chooses a much less risqué card with simple lettering. Although, he thinks as an afterthought, Zitao would have probably liked that card - he has a pretty weird sense of humour after all.

“Just this one thanks,” he mumbles as he passes the card over the counter, still too embarrassed to look the man in the eyes.

He almost trips over his feet in his haste to leave the store.


It only takes a few days for him to go back.

The man looks up and when he sees Wu Fan he laughs a little, placing the book he is reading face down on the counter.
“Your friends must be pretty unfortunate to be sick all the time,” he says with a smile.

Wu Fan huffs, “That was only the second one. The first was a birthday, as is this one.” The man looks at him, disbelief evident as he folds his arms but he makes no comment as he returns to his book.

Wu Fan casually scans the cards – he’s basically memorised them all by now. His eyes flit over to the man at the counter.

“Do you work here every day?”

He can see a smile peek over the top of the book. “No. Actually I only work here on the days I know you’re coming.” The tone is teasing and the man’s eyes dance, his brunette hair falling gracefully across his face.

“I’m Yixing by the way,” the man says, once again placing the book against the counter.

“Wu Fan.”

“It’s nice to meet you Wu Fan, for the third time this week is it?” he laughs and Wu Fan feels his heartbeat quicken.

“Nice to meet you too,” he says as he has the realisation that he kind of really wants to hear Yixing laugh forever.


Wu Fan was going to wait a week, he really was. But somehow he has ended up back in the shop only a day later. It’s getting worse, he thinks distantly, maybe he has some sort of sickness. Love sickness, his brain supplies unhelpfully.

‘So, what are you reading?”

Yixing chews on the biscuit he is eating for a moment before he swallows and smiles.

“Oh it’s George Orwell - Nineteen Eighty-Four.”

Wu Fan remembers reading that in school. He also remembers disliking it.

“Ah, I’ve never read it,” he lies, “Is it good?”

Yixing nods, taking another dainty bite of the biscuit.

“It’s amazing,” he says in-between mouthfuls of chocolate chip. “I really love the idea of it all. It’s creepy because stuff like this is actually possible you know?” Wu Fan nods absentmindedly. He turns back to the greeting cards in an attempt to look like he is not just in the store to stalk the attractive man behind the counter.

He hums as he flicks through the cards – birthdays to weddings to funerals, they have basically covered every occasion. Except for “I think you’re really cute even though I barely know you at all so will you please go on a date with me” occasions. He chuckles to himself and Yixing glances over amused.

‘What’s so funny?”

“Just the cards.”

Yixing laughs, “Really? I find them pretty lame actually.”

“Well you would,” Wu Fan says, “You see them all the time.”

Yixing grins, “And if you keep this up, so will you.”


Wu Fan manages to find his copy of Nineteen Eighty-Four from when he was at school at the bottom of one of his drawers. The stamp of his school library on the front suggests that he should probably actually give it back but he thinks they can wait another few weeks – they’ve waited seven years already after all.


“I started reading it.”


“The book – Nineteen Eighty-Four.”

Yixing’s arms are crossed on the counter and he watches Wu Fan with a smile.

“Really?” he says, and moves one arm up so that he can rest his chin in his hand. “Do you like it?”

Wu Fan nods, “It’s good actually.” He isn’t even lying now, the book is much better than his twelve year old self remembers it to be. Yixing is staring at him almost unblinkingly and Wu Fan shifts nervously beneath his gaze.

“What? Do I have something on my face?”

Yixing hums. “No,” he says as he bites back a smile. “I’m just glad you like the book.”

Wu Fan has a distinct feeling that he is lying.


Wu Fan isn’t having the greatest day – soaked to the skin, hair flat against his face, he seriously wishes he didn’t forget his umbrella. He walks into the shop and the tinkle of the doorbell is drowned out by the sound of rain. Yixing looks up with a smile, which fades almost immediately as concern flashes across his face.

“Are you alright?”

Wu Fan grunts and pretends that he can’t hear the way his shoes squelch against the carpet. He doesn’t touch the cards – he really doesn’t think anyone would be happy to give a rain-spattered birthday card to their friend after all.

He is lost in his own thoughts for a moment, glaring at the oversized get well soon cards peeking out at the top of the stand, before something warm is pressed into his hands.

“Here,” Yixing says, his breath tickling Wu Fan’s neck as he offers him a cup of coffee, “I made it for myself but, I think you need it more than I do.” Their hands overlap for a moment as Wu Fan goes to take the drink and he notes just how small Yixing’s hands are compared to his own - which for the record, is very.

Wu Fan thanks him, ignoring the way his skin prickles at the contact, and busies himself by taking a sip of his drink. Yixing smiles and Wu Fan lets his eyes drift over the other man for a moment, absorbing the way his eyes twinkle and his lips pull up at the corners, dimple ever insistent.

Yixing fixes him with an inquisitive expression.


“You’re cute,” he blurts out and immediately slaps a hand to his mouth because seriously, where did the connection between his brain and his mouth just disappear off to?

Yixing splutters a laugh. “Thank you?”

“No I just mean, it’s cute that you’re short and you know when you stand next to me I don’t know it’s funny because I’m tall and then you’re only like up to my shoulder or something and-“

“Are you saying I’m short?” Yixing says, eyebrow rising.

“Yes. No! I just...”Wu Fan trails off and longingly imagines a situation in which he had the power of invisibility right about now.

Yixing laughs and his eyes crinkle at the sides. “Well I think it’s cute that you’re tall,” he says with a grin.

Wu Fan ducks his head but is pretty sure the blush that creeps over his cheeks is noticeable anyway.

“Thanks,” he mumbles into his coffee.


Wu Fan has been standing out the front of the store for a good ten minutes at least, pacing up and down on the pavement outside. He inhales deeply and pushes the door open.

The bell tinkles and Yixing offers him a smile and a wave as he enters.

“Morning Wu Fan. You’re early today!”

Wu Fan nods but doesn’t really give him much attention; instead, he walks straight over to the cards and chooses one from the Valentine’s day section – a pretty card with a large heart and the words ‘I love you’ stamped across the front.

Yixing must notice because his amused voice drifts over. “You know Valentine’s day was last month right?” Wu Fan doesn’t respond and Yixing snorts.’ What a lucky girl,” he says, words laced with sarcasm.

Wu Fan takes out a pen and makes sure Yixing isn’t looking before he writes something inside and shuts it quickly, picking out the red envelope behind it and walking up to the counter.

His heart thrums against his chest and he swallows a little nervously as he hands the card over to Yixing who scans it through.

“That’s three dollars fifty,” he says with a smile, “I hope you got her something nice to apologise.”

Wu Fan bites his lip. “Open it,” he says softly.

Yixing frowns at him but he obeys and opens it slowly, eyes widening a little as he reads. He doesn’t say anything as he reaches behind the counter and takes out a pen, scribbling something at the bottom of the card with a smile. He slips the card into the envelope and slides it across the counter.

“Have a good day,” he says as his eyes flicker back over to Wu Fan.

As soon as the door closes behind him, Wu Fan takes the card out of the envelope carefully, flipping it open to read the inside.

Yixing, will you go out with me?

Of course I’ll go out with you, you cheesy moron.

Wu Fan doesn’t stop grinning for the rest of the day.


A/N: Written because there can never be enough krislay fluff in the world tbh. I have such a thing for embarrassed and love-sick Kris okay, don't judge me. I was also going to apologise for making them out of character but im not even sorry, it was too much fun. xD

Tags: exo, fanfiction, genre: au, kris/lay, oneshot
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